Why Samsonite Suitcases?

It’s pretty simple really, they are the go-to suitcases for someone that spends a lot of time traveling!

You want a product that’s been there and done that? Chances are the Samsonite brand is a LOT better traveled than you are!

Samsonite is a by word for quality, strength and durability. Next time you’re waiting in the baggage hall for your suitcase to show up, check out how many of these bags go past you. I counted the other day at JFK and the answer was at least one out of every three. Then you check out the people that collected them, and they looked happy. They looked reassured that their luggage had turned up, was in one piece and was as ready to get to their destination as they were. In short, they looked like seasoned travellers that knew the suitcase they had wasn’t going to let them down.

One final note, please be aware that this site is not linked directly with Samsonite in anyway. We are merely fans of their products and use the Amazon affiliate scheme to direct shoppers to the Amazon site. It maybe speaks volumes that people are willing to setup sites like this purely to advertise products that they feel strongly about!

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend these products without using them myself. I travel a lot, both on business and for pleasure. I also run the full gamete for traveling light for short breaks and the full on 5 suitcase treks when myself, my wife and our two kids go away somewhere.

I’ve never been let down by a Samsonite suitcase, I’ve found their build quality, brand and price to be unbeatable and will continue to use them for as long as I keep clocking up the miles.

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